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The Importance of Quinceañeras: Celebrating Milestones and Cultural Heritage

Jun 21, 2023

  The celebration of a quinceañera holds immense significance in the lives of many young girls of Latin American descent. This age-old tradition, which takes place when a girl turns fifteen, is SO much more than just a lavish party....

Our Favorite Pink Quinceañera Dresses

Mar 28, 2023

If you ask us, pink is always in style! That’s why we wanted to take a moment today and talk about why we love pink quince gowns and highlight some of our favorites you can find right here at Alborada Quince.     PRINCESA BY ARIANA...

Hottest Red Quinceanera Dresses

Mar 16, 2023

After Valentine’s Day comes and goes, we always remain inspired by all the love and romance in the air. So why not incorporate some of this into your quince dress? We love a gorgeous red gown, so if you do as well, check out some of these...

Trending Quinceanera Dresses

Mar 16, 2023

The momentous occasion of a young girl’s quinceañera is marked by a grand celebration, complete with music, dancing, and beautiful formal attire, including the iconic quinceañera ball gown that we all know and love! Today...

Our Vendors

Apr 18, 2022

At Alborada in Chicago, we’re lucky that we get to work with a number of incredible vendors. These companies have been a pivotal part of putting together the work that we do with our magazine, and we’re extremely grateful that these...

Quinceañera Timeline

Mar 31, 2022

At Alborada in Chicago, we know how important planning a quinceañera is. It’s one of those landmark events that you’ll want to spoil your daughter at, and is usually a big task at hand. If you haven’t gotten started making...

How to Prepare for Your Quinceañera

Feb 25, 2022

You’ve spent months planning your quinceañera. You selected the perfect dress, found a venue large enough to fit all of your guests, and booked each of your vendors well in advance. Your big day is almost here, so let’s talk about...

Quinceañera Trends in 2022

Feb 21, 2022

For quinceañera dresses, shades of white and pink have always been praised for creating that sweet, princess-like look that many girls dream of. In recent years, donning a unique color to celebrate your fifteenth birthday has become a popular...

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