Quinceañera Trends in 2022

Quinceañera Trends in 2022

For quinceañera dresses, shades of white and pink have always been praised for creating that sweet, princess-like look that many girls dream of. In recent years, donning a unique color to celebrate your fifteenth birthday has become a popular choice for girls with trendsetting tastes. Here are some of our favorite quinceañera dress trends in 2022:






If you like the look of a classic light pink quinceañera dress, but want something more unique for yourself, then you’ll love how other pastel shades can help modernize a ball gown. Buttery yellow, sage green, and pale aqua quinceañera dresses, like the one shown above by House of Wu, mirror the softness that pastel pink brings, while creating a look that is entirely one-of-a-kind.






For girls that like to defy norms, black quinceañera dresses were made just for you. Tradition calls for light shades to highlight youth, but after all, it’s your special day, which means you should play by your own rules. Black quinceañera dresses are striking, bold, and contain every ounce of drama you’re looking for, as shown above in this gown by House of Wu.





On the opposite end of the spectrum, multi-colored quinceañera dresses offer daring, unique color combinations to match your lively personality. Opting for a boldly colorful ball gown, like the Jazmine shown above by Ragazza, guarantees a stunning grand entrance and an unmatched party presence.

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