How to Prepare for Your Quinceañera

How to Prepare for Your Quinceañera

You’ve spent months planning your quinceañera. You selected the perfect dress, found a venue large enough to fit all of your guests, and booked each of your vendors well in advance. Your big day is almost here, so let’s talk about the finishing touches. Here’s a few of the last-minute details we hope you won’t forget:



Emergency Quince Kit


First things first, pack an emergency kit in a tote bag to bring with you to your quinceañera. Any number of last-minute mishaps can occur, so we recommend bringing a few essentials along for the ride. In case of wardrobe malfunctions, pack double-sided fashion tape, a mini sewing kit, safety pins and a stain remover pen. Remember to include a selection of over-the-counter medications, a pair of comfortable shoes, and a set of toiletries in your bag, as well.



Your DJ is booked, but do you have any favorite tunes you can’t imagine your quinceañera without? Send your DJ a playlist of songs you’d love to hear, along with a list of any songs you’d prefer to pass on. This will help keep your guests on the dance floor and the life of your party alive.

Feeling Your Best


Lastly, we know that when you look your best, you feel your best, and when you feel your best, your special moments are just that much more enjoyable. Assuming that the major aspects of planning have been completed, we recommend spending the week prior to your big day treating yourself to some extra pampering. A mani-pedi, a facial, an eyebrow threading, or even a tan will help you feel truly spotlight-ready!


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